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Tom Keen's Priorities for a Brighter Florida

Affordable Housing

Tom will fight for everyday residents by ensuring committed funding for affordable housing actually goes to affordable housing. He’ll also help make home insurance more affordable, helping Central Floridians keep their homes.

Protecting Reproductive Freedoms

Tom believes that Legislators do not belong in the doctor’s office and will work to expand access to abortion in Florida since the legislature’s rollbacks.

Defending Free Speech

Tom will act as a brick wall against the Radical Republicans who want to ban books, and punish free speech, one of the nation’s most cherished freedoms.

Protecting Our Neighbors

The Governor and his Allies’ attacks on our LGBTQ friends and family are cowardly and despicable, and Tom will make sure that everybody feels safe in Florida.

Defending Florida's Environment

Central Florida has some of the beautiful natural environments found on Earth and Tom believes that we need to protect them by ensuring smart growth, pollution laws are enforced and tackling climate change.

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